Things You'll need:

Hoffman Dream Big Panel

-Find at your local quilt shop or online

Mine measures 44x44 inches

Iron and ironing board, steam or water spray bottle


Batting- I'm using Warm n White

Thread- I'm using Isacord 40 wt, multiple colors

Longarm machine

Ruler Base

Ruler foot

Straight Edge Ruler

Paper and pen or pencil

Instructor Adria Good

Get your Hoffman Dream Big Panel out of your closet or get one from your local quilt shop or Online!!

We are going to get past those fears of starting this panel!!!

I'll be with you every step of the way on this Quilt-a Long!

You can follow the designs that I pick or you can do any design of your choice.

I just want you to enjoy the process and eliminate any stresses you may be carrying.

We will take this one step at a time.

This course is over 4 hours long. We will get to spend a lot of time together!
There will be some flubs and maybe a cat that has something to add! LOL
Life happens.
We all have things that pop up unexpectedly and I'm no different. Let's do this together and have a blast!
There will be simple designs...

and challenging designs...

Do any design you desire!! You don't have to do all the designs the same as mine. If you are more of a beginner, then choose more simple designs. I just want you to love it!

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